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Henfield provide self storage facilities in many locations across London and the South East and has a fleet of 150 vehicles available for hire (Henfield Hire). 

I have been working with the Director, assisting on a project-by-project basis and providing general marketing guidance and design support for their website, mobile devices and branding.   I have also photogrpahed 4 locations for use on their website.

Henfield Self Storage

  • Logo refinement and branding consultancy
  • Website consultancy, content direction, redesign, graphics
  • Mobile device design
  • Photography - 4 locations


"I've worked with a fair number of desgners but will now only be using Debra / Fusion MCR. Debra's work is of the highest quality: she interprets my musings better than I can do myself, and produces solutions which look sharp and, from the layman's perspective, are easy to understand. She is also amazingly fast, which means that I get a design result more quickly and at a lower cost than iI would do from someone else.  When she redesigned our website, our conversion rates doubled   Need I say more?  100% recommended!    AC - Henfield Self Storage