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I worked closely with the owners of the drinks distribution company who were responsible for the launch of this premium, authentic Polish vodka into the UK.  Soplica was (and still is) a successful brand in Poland owned by BOLs so this also involved interaction with them and trips to the manufacturing plant in Poland to determine unique selling points of the product.   From this I developed a positioning for the UK market which was adopted throughout the marketing effort....Distinctive Polish Spirit.   The extension of this across printed materials was SO Soplica (SO Pure, SO Distinctive, SO Mixable  SO Soplica etc).    


  • Consultancy - marketing and distribution / sell into the retailer
  • Branding development for the UK market
  • Core positioning and proposition
  • Sales promotion and retailer support
  • Advertising
  • Leaflets and marketing materials
  • Liaison with BOLs Poland
  • Copywriting