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Speak-More offers language and cultural experience opportunities to foreign students, predominantly from Italy.   Entire English immersion programmes are offered combining learning and experiential activities so that students have the best possible opportunity to learn efficiently and effectively in small, mixed nationality classes.   The company also offers unique interactive activities. 

I worked with the owner of the company to help develop the concept and launch the business and continue to support as and when required.


  • Branding
  • Business Stationery and folders
  • Flyers - English and Italian
  • Website with on-line chat function
  • Promotional giveaways



"When we first spoke with Fusion MCR, we knew little, if anything about websites.  They made the whole process come together in a timely and professional manner with advice on photos, syntax plus the technical ability to move throughout the site.  Fusion MCR also assisted Speak-More with the whole marketing package for our venture and this has given us the opportunity to develop and expand successfully.   We would highly recommend Fusion MCR to any potential clients."