Brand Identity

Brand Identity:  One Chance to Get it Right


Customers can be won, or lost, on first impressions so you may only have one chance to get it right.  They also react very quickly so make sure that your brand has a single message that everyone immediately understands, can relate to and wants to be a part of otherwise they will simply move on.  

If your audience believes that you want, and need, them to be part of your brand, then you have already encouraged them to take notice and it is likely that they will respond positively as they will believe that you have understood them and are satisfying their 'demands'.    

Your branding should reflect everything that you 'stand for' however it's not just ‘some colours, typefaces, graphic device and a slogan or strapline’.   A brand is the all encompassing term for everything you do to provide an identity for your business combining visual representation, core message, tone of voice, choice of marketing discipline/s, product differentiation, customer service etc.  It will be these components that will distinguish you from the competition and help to build a brand - and, ultimately, your business.   If a brand is appropriate and strong enough, customers will come to recognise, identify with, buy into and follow it because they have come to understand everything that  it represents.    

We have worked with businesses, large and small (across the Globe) to determine their brand values and supported this with launch, rebranding or development of brand strategies and campaigns.