Marketing Consultancy

Be Noticed for The Right Reasons 


Marketing consultancy can be used from the outset to ensure that the path that you are about to embark on is the correct one for your business and does not end up costing a small fortune for little return.   Or, it can be instigated on an ongoing or periodical basis to evaluate and identify effectiveness or the potential need for change.   Investing in consultancy ensures that you are using your marketing budget in the most effective way possible, that when you are noticed it is for the right reasons and that your business remains in a healthy position throughout its journey.   

We have consulted, for over 20 years, for international household consumer brands, business to business clients, agencies and local businesses alike and am able to evaluate, advise and provide plans (or input) on the following:- 

  • market statistics
  • competitive environment
  • research
  • price
  • positioning
  • target audiences
  • new / product development
  • marketing platform
  • core propositions
  • communications messages.