Think You Know Your Market?   Don't Take a Gamble. 


The most successful campaigns are based on a sound understanding of target audiences and market.  Being aware of the facts enables you to make better judgements rather than take a gamble and waste opportunities and money in the process. 

In an increasingly competitive environment it is all too easy to be left on the shelf or your business be overlooked because another company has better insight or knowledge and therefore is able to precisely meet, or exceed, their customers needs.  I have in-depth experience in the research field and have worked for both clients directly and leading advertising and sales promotions agencies which lacked in-house expertise. 

Selecting the right research is a key decision so we can advise and implement, for example:-

  • tele-marketing with our sister company Focus
  • desk-top research (published papers detailing market statistics, competitor information, influences etc)
  • qualitative research (one-to-ones and focus groups)
  • quantitative research (surveys, questionnaires)
  • product placements (to establish how target audience groups view your product or service).

Depending on the nature of the research, I will either work on my own or jointly with one of a couple of independent research consultants who I have used for 9 years.    I also have access to facilitators and research studios.