Sales Promotion

Powerful, Effective and Measurable


Sales promotion is a powerful and complex marketing tool that persuades potential customers to trial a business or product for the first time or build loyalty to entice those that have tried to return time and time again  It can also be used to encourage recommendation whereby a converted consumer / customer is enticed to generate interest and buy in from their own contacts, usually for a gain.

There are a huge number of sales promotion options available, each with specific legal requirements that need to be adhered to, but the one selected will be dependent on marketing objectives and budget.  Mechanics (how the sales promotion reaches your audience) are also varied and can include on-pack, off-pack (e.g. in-store leaflets), direct mail, advertising and PR. 

There are many advantages to sales promotion including the fact that they provide visibility, actively promote a call to action, capture customer information, can be timed and their results evaluated.

We have had much experience in the sales promotions field and are able to provide consultancy to advise on aspects such as the best promotional activity for your business / brand or legal requirements through to running an entire campaign from beginning to end.